GAFELL Lasagna Sheets from Soybeans wins Best New Product at the PAPA Industry Awards in London | GAFELL

GAFELL Lasagna Sheets from Soybeans wins Best New Product at the PAPA Industry Awards in London


100% organic lasagna sheets are an amazing tasting Gluten Free Low-Carb alternative to high-carb pastas.

Hong Kong, China: Gafell is first on the market with lasagna sheets made from just two ingredients: 100% certified organic soybeans and water. The soybean lasagna sheets do not only improve on the texture and taste of traditional lasagna sheets but have a number of nutritional benefits, including being additive and gluten free.

Tommy Leung, Founder of Gafell, said:

“We’re incredibly proud to win Best New Product at the PAPA Industry Awards alongside the best Pizza and Pasta chefs in the UK. We are the first brand on the market with this product and have developed it over a long period of time to maintain amazing texture in the challenging conditions of long extended temperatures in the oven. Unlike traditional lasagna sheets, which become soggy and lose their texture, our sheets stay pleasingly al dente. So not only are they a healthier alternative, they also taste better.”

Nutritional benefits at a glance:

  • Made with only 100% certified organic soybeans and water, Gafell soybean lasagna sheets contain four times the amount of protein compared to traditional lasagna sheets.
  • With one-fourth the carbs, they are an excellent addition to a low carb diet.
  • Six and half times more dietary fiber!
  • Completely Gluten Free!


Gafell Lasagna sheets from soybeans are a great tasting, health-conscious alternative for anyone with weight-loss goals, gluten allergies or a fitness focused lifestyle.


Lasagna is back on the menu, Bean appetite!


About Gafell: Gafell makes simple and delicious alternatives to classic foods. We make food with ingredient lists that you don’t need a degree in chemistry to read and with nutritional benefits that keep customers coming back for seconds. Being an informed eater means making choices not just about what kind of food you are eating but also how and where that food is made.  

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