10% off - New Parent Discount

New mums and dads in Hong Kong, you can get 10% off all GAFELL products for six months!

We know how busy you will be so let us help and take care of some of the shopping, cooking and cleaning up. Adjusting to life as a new parent can be a challenge and finding time to cook can be next to impossible.Β 

Our frozen meal delivery service is available with home delivery Monday - Saturday with 3 convenient delivery slots for your frozen food care package.Β 

With our freezer meals, new moms you can stock your fridge with freezer meals to prepare for the arrival of a new baby, and dads are welcome to join too!

The six months can start during the pregnancy, on the due date, or at any time in the first six months. To qualify just apply below with your name, contact information, due date and when you would like the discount to start.Β 

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