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Gafell started it’s life offering bean pastas in 2016, ohh and by the way our brand name is a play on the Swedish word for fork Gaffel.

In 2017 we built the kitchen in an industrial building in Kwai Chung, a historic business and production district a stonesthrow away from Hong Kong's busy container port. These days there is not much production in this area anymore, as the factories moved to China and left were traders moving goods back and forth from the port to warehouses in clusters of industrial buildings.

When we opened the kitchen we imagined a place where we could take time and cook delicious dishes without hungry mouths waiting in the dining room outside. I’m happy to say it worked out. Making frozen foods lets us focus on the dishes in front of us, knowing our blast freezers will take care of keeping all the flavours and nutrition inside the meals. This stress-free no-rush kitchen lets us take care of the ingredients and then cook them to perfection. 

We have been lucky enough to keep our kitchen in the same location until today and continue making our foods for the busy people of Hong Kong. Over the years we have developed and refined our style and approach to food to be everyday recipes made with real ingredients. We found that cooking simple recipes without shortcuts or compromises resulted in heartwarming foods.  

We believe that there are too many unnecessary shortcuts in the food industry, and once you are on the path of shortcuts it’s hard to turn back to making genuine food again. Food that has a soul, tells a story and respects the ingredients. It’s really not that hard to make a vegetable stock, it just takes some time and preparation. Grinding fresh spices takes the dishes to the next level and all it costs is some time. 

In our kitchen we simply bring in the best ingredients we can find, wash, peel and cook them for you in small batches. We want to make food that you can eat everyday and feel great knowing you are fueling your body with quality nutrition. 

My name is Tommy

I was born and raised in Sweden, but in a Hong Kong enclave of Sweden that is a Chinese restaurant. My father arrived in the frozen north of Sweden in the 70’s and together with a merry band of Hong Kongers. Chinese food was a hit in Sweden, with restaurants popping up all along the coast of the unnecessarily long country. Swedes loved dishes like “fyra små rätter” (four small dishes), friterade räkor (deep fried shrimp) and friterad banan (deep fried bananas). 

If you are wondering why you’ve never seen these dishes in Hong Kong you are not alone, I have always wondered the same thing. When I asked my father about it, he said they figured out that the “authentic” stuff they started offering on the menu wasn’t what Swedish customers wanted. So for inspiration they did not go back to Hong Kong, but instead to the Chinese restaurants in London that had already unlocked the secrets of how to adapt the dishes to what British people liked. In the end this is a style of its own and I do sometimes wish we could find a nice deep fried banana with vanilla ice cream somewhere in Hong Kong. 

Growing up I got the chance to experience the best of both worlds. My mom comes from Örnsköldsvik, a small town in Norrland (literally North land). In contrast to the Chinese food in the restaurant I got to experience all the Swedish husmanskost (traditional Swedish food) as well. I feel lucky to have grown up with food from not just a single place. There is something special about getting to bake tunnbröd in a cabin in Norrland, and also getting to drink what I still find to be the most powerful health-potion in the world which is Cantonese granny-style slow-cooked soups. 

Kenny’s Kitchen

Our staff is a small team lead by Chef Kenny, coming into the kitchen early every morning to prepare all the incoming vegetables and produce that comes in from our suppliers all across the city. During the day we cook all the dishes and carefully label and pack them, before putting them in our freezers ready to pack. During the afternoons we will pack all the orders before they are picked up in the evenings for delivery the next day. 

On behalf of our entire team, thank you!


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