Is organic pasta healthier?

Studies have shown that organic foods do not contain more nutrients than other foods. However when buying organic food you can be sure that the food has been grown on fields that have been taken care of to produce non gene manipulated crops that can keep growing on the same piece of land for generations to come. Organic farmers are careful to conserve the earth’s resources and collaborate with nature in growing and harvesting their crops.

What is different at an organic farm?

There are no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, which is good for the farmer, our consumers and nature. Moreover the natural fertilizers contribute to the farms own ecosystem.

Are there any additives in your food?

No, all our foods are 100% natural.

Is the bean pasta enriched to contain that much protein?

Some pastas made from wheat are enriched to increase the protein contents. The soy beans used to make our pasta are naturally rich in protein and dietary fibers while being low in carbohydrates and only water is added to be able to make the fettuccine and spaghetti shapes.

What about the fat contents in the bean pasta?

During the production process the beans are squeezed to extract some of the oil, this is done to increase the shelf life and has the added benefit of lowering the fat content of our bean pasta.

Is the GAFELL bean pasta suitable for vegan diets?

Absolutely, the protein content is very high and carbs are low so it’s a great source of protein for vegans.

How is bean pasta made?

How do you get the black bean spaghetti to become black?

It is from the natural color of the organic black soy beans used to make the pasta, no coloring is added. After cooking the pasta will become slightly lighter in color.

Why is the bean pasta so filling?

Our pasta is rich in protein and dietary fiber which tend to be more filling than carbohydrates and keep you feeling full for longer.

Why are the holes in the fettuccine and spaghetti paper box different sizes?

We designed the packaging with informed eaters in mind. The holes are designed so you can use the holes to measure out one serving (55g).

Is the nutrition information on the box before or after cooking?

The nutrition facts are listed based on the product’s uncooked weight.

I heard that you can leave the bean pasta in water for 8 hours instead of cooking it?

Yes, our pasta is flash cooked under extremely high temperatures during the production process. An alternative to cooking the pasta is to leave it in water for 8 hours and then rinsing the pasta under cold water.

Is the texture and consistency of the bean pasta the same as traditional pasta?

Our pasta has a more bouncy consistency compared to wheat/semolina pasta.

What is your quality policy?

All food suppliers to GAFELL must be certified by a third-party agency. We set high standards for our suppliers and they must be certified by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) approved standards. Moreover they must live up to our standards of environmental and social responsibility.

I am a food broker, distributor, retailer that’s interested in your brand, who can I get in touch with?

We are happy to work with new professional partners, please contact us at

I'm a food blogger, can I have a sample?

We are constantly looking for informed eaters to collaborate with, please send us an email to with your story and idea.

What does GAFELL mean?

It’s a play on the Swedish word gaffel, which means fork and can be seen in our logo.