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Lasagne layered with sheets of pasta, bolognese sauce, a creamy bechamel and topped with fresh grated cheese.


A signature dish

We have been making lasagna since the very first day we opened our kitchen in Hong Kong. In fact, a big reason why we built the kitchen was because we wanted to make a clean and guilt-free lasagna for the people of Hong Kong. 

Since then we have made A LOT of lasagne and we still love it to this day. Lasagne really is a masterpiece of a dish but it takes some effort to cook at home as it can be quite time consuming to prepare all the different steps. 

    Over the years we have figured out what we think is a great way of making lasagne bolognese. The key to our lasagna is the meat mix, double concentrated tomato paste, and our unique béchamel sauce

    Meat mix

    Unlike many restaurants who only use just beef,  we use a mix of premium minced beef and minced pork. The addition of pork adds a depth of flavor that beef by itself cannot provide. Having a quality beef and pork cooked together for hours really brings the bolognese sauce to the next level in depth of flavor. 

    Double concentrated tomato paste

    To get an even more full and exciting tomato flavor we discovered that double concentrated tomato paste was amazing. It's basically normal tomato paste that has been cooked down and reduced for twice as long. It has more intense tomato flavors and as a bonus it also naturally gives the sauce a deep red color that looks great.

    Béchamel sauce

    A traditional bechamel sauce is made from a roux which is simply cooking butter and flour together with milk until it thickens to a thick and creamy sauce. The béchamel sauce is super important to a lasagna as it balances out the deep flavors of the meat sauce and it should also be slightly sticky to keep the lasagna together. We make our bechamel with tapioca starch instead of wheat flour. Tapioca is a made from the roots of cassava plants and it's a staple food all across Asia. We found it makes an even greater bechamel sauce as it tastes fantastic and doesn't have the slightly grainy and lumpy taste wheat flour sometimes has. 

    Cheese on top

    We carefully assemble layers of pasta sheets, meat sauce and bechamel sauce to build up the layers of the lasagne. To finish the dish we generously sprinkle fresh grated cheese on top.

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    Hong Kong Hong Kong
    Very good

    Taste so good! Love it

    Hong Kong Hong Kong

    Great tasting lasagne, sauce was really very good, the herbs really added an extra dimension - particularly the bay leaves.

    Hong Kong Hong Kong

    Love the texture And taste .. generous on the mince meat. One of our favourite.

    Chloe s.
    Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China
    Love it. Flavour and texture

    Love it. Flavour and texture just nice for us!

    Roselyn B.
    Hong Kong Hong Kong
    So tasty!

    A really great blend of herbs makes this lasagne a treat for the taste buds. One of our faves for sure.