LiteStyle Basil Chicken / 有營台式三杯雞

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LiteStyle Basil Chicken / 有營台式三杯雞

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 We teamed up with Charlotte at LiteStyleCo who provided us with the recipe and inspiration for this dish based on what her followers in Hong Kong were hungry for!

About Litestyle

Litestyle is all about building a healthy relationship with food. It is not about caloric restriction or going vegan, and everything I share on my social platforms is ultimately teaching you how to build your "litestyle."

I strive to live a consistently healthy life as it helps me manage my hormonal issue. Initially, I had a hard time going to social events because I chose not to eat/live the way most of my friends do - crazy night outs and heavy meals that do not fuel your body right.

LiteStyleCo started as an Instagram project to "normalize" my way of living and to educate people that you are what you eat. The traction I received was not something I expected. Little less than a year I built a 38k followers and still growing community where I met the founder of GAFELL - Tommy. We share similar vision on food, and I absolutely love the idea of his convenient healthy-licious frozen meals.

As a 9-6 office worker, I understand that it is a big challenge to meal prep everyday, leaving heavily-processed take-out food the only option. Therefore, we worked together to create several test kitchen meals that are not only made with simple, natural ingredients but also taste as flavorful as your favorite "Cha Chaan Teng" food!



    Allergens: Soy

    Nutrition information

    Energy 323 kcal
    Protein 26.1 g
    Total fat 12.6 g
       Saturated fat 1.8 g
       Trans fat 0 g
    Carbohydrates 36.7 g
       Sugars 0.6 g
    Dietary fiber 1.8 g
    Sodium 332 mg

    Cooking Instructions

    Our chefs lovingly prepare each of our meals by hand. We then blast freeze our meals to keep the flavors and nutrition without any additives or preservatives required. 

    Our cooking instructions are only a guide, all equipment differs so please adjust accordingly.

    Microwave (750 Watt)  

    Remove paper sleeve and tear open a corner of the plastic film (it's microwave safe!). Place in middle of microwave and heat for 5-6 minutes. Wait for 1 minute to let the heat distribute evenly before removing from microwave.

    Please remember to recycle the packaging after you've enjoyed your meal!

    • Our values

      Make food the way we would cook it for our own close friends and family. Prepared with love and care for our health, respect for our ingredients and planet. We want to revolutionize the food industry by showing that ready meals can be healthy and delicious. 

      World Food, Made in Hong Kong

      The Pearl River Delta, comprised of Hong Kong, Macau and parts of Guangdong is the largest and most populated urban area in the world. While it's home to great Chinese cuisine, a lot of international food travels on ships and planes from far away places. Our goal is to make these world-class foods for everyday people right here in Hong Kong. 

      Go Plant-Based!

      Research has shown that people are more willing to adopt at green diet if there were easy choices and a bigger range of foods to chose from. With GAFELL Green we strive to offer all people a delicious green choice carefully prepared and packed with plant protein from beans and pulses.

      Cooked to perfection

      We prepare our foods the same way you would cook it at home. Carefully choosing the best ingredients, with minimal processing, no added preservatives, artificial flavors, flavor enhancers or food additives. 

      To the highest standard

      We have implemented and are in the process of getting the world's highest standard of food safety certification under GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative). 

      Responsible sourcing

      Our aim is to as much as possible source sustainable ingredients. For a more detailed look at our ingredient sourcing guidelines click here.